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Kenny Z.
Kenny Z., Ford Senior Master Tech
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1999 F250: I Cant Open Back Door passenger side..mirrors

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I Can't Open Back Door passenger side 1999 F250. I purchased this truck in 1998. One of the first curved doors with wide mirrors produced. It's a gas V10. Green in color. Long bed. Have removed inside rear passenger door panels. Can't find a way to release/open door. Have had a problem with this door since buying the truck in that it would not close all the way unless we kept our hand on door till it closed. Could not just swing it closed like other doors. Like it would bounce and not lock all the way like the other doors. This is not a crew cab! You gotta open front door before opening a back door.

If you can't help me, just say so and I will spend the BUCKS and take it FORD.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.


These type of issues are difficult to troubleshoot without the vehicle in front of me, so I have to rely on the information you are telling me, so please be as specific and detailed as possible with your responses.


The rear Supercab door has 2 latches. One upper and one lower. they are controlled by cables attached to a "remote control" assembly. This is a device that the 2 cables connect to and the door handle linkages attach to. First you need to locate the control with the 2 cables attached to it. We need to determine which latch is not operating. It is not likely that both are not working unless the control is seized or broken. Check the remote while operating the interior handle and see if it is moving both cables. If it is moving both cables, then the cables will need be disconnected from the control. Once the cables are disconnected they can be pulled individually with a pliers to determine which latch is not working or if one of the cables is broken.

If the lower cable is broke the lever that the cable attaches to should be able to be accessed with a needle nose pliers or long cotter pin tool. If the upper cable is broken up high near the latch then the repair will need to be performed by a body shop. They are best equipped to get the door open.

Kenny Z. and 3 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Kenny,
My son whom I sent thru auto school in G'ville, Fl. is helping me. Sometimes the remote does not work until I put the key in and unlock the truck, then it works OK all day. Have complained to FORD and they don't know why it works some time and not others, but always after unlocking with the key. Will try your solution tomorrow. It's hard to see things in the door from the inside even with the covers removed. Do you have pics that might help me? Thanks for responding.....

I would have to address the remote question in a different question, I have not seen that issue before.


This is the remote with the 2 latch cables.


This is the upper latch, #1 is the cable coming from the remote that unlatches the latch to open the door.



This is the lower latch #1 is the cable coming from the remote that unlatches the latch to open the door.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Kenny,
Have accepted your answer and PAID you. Hope we can let you know how this works out. Not sure how to contact you after I close this window. Assume you have my email [email protected] Will sign back on tomorrow after trying your suggestions, "was able to print" and see if I can let you know how we made out. Thanks again and enjoy the $20.
Thanks and your welcome. You can post back to this question at any time.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Morning Kenny,

We removed the two rear passager side door panels for access and then removed the "top lock" cable from the "remote control" assembly. The cable housing is worn about an inch on one side there and the bushings that hold the cable housing in place are missing. Therefore the cable could not pull the top lock open. This cable runs from the top lock down, then turns 90 degrees towards and above the assembly then down 90 degrees to where the cable housing is held in place by the bushings. The cable then connects to the assembly. Looks to me like the stress on the cable housing by doing two 90 degree turns caused the problem. Is this cable something I can replace? If so how? Thanks, Theron

Were you able to get the door open then by actuating the cables to release the latches? If so then the cable should be available separately from Ford. With the door open the latch(es) can be removed to install the cable to the latch and the controller.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes that's the way I got the door open. I see three bolts/screws holding the latch. Will head to Ford Monday for the cable. Thanks again. Have a great weekend....

Awesome! Good luck and you have a good weekend too.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Things did NOT go as expected at FORD today. Was told cable is no longer available. Had to purchase Part Number 6L3Z-18264A26-A Latch with Cable for a total of $67.75.


There is a retainer on this new cable, with tape on each side so it will not slide very far either direction, it's located a few inches from the remote assembly end, that one would assume plugs into a hole to help secure the cable. There is no hole anywhere close for this retainer to plug into on my truck. Don't think it will be a problem??


Anyway, Installed new latch and cable but now the top of door does not latch tight. Did not have this problem with the old latch. But, this may explains why this door would not close all the way unless we kept our hand on till it closed. Only the top latch was holding tight all these years.


So Kenny can you advise how to finish this with some adjustments top and bottom? What the bottom latch locks to does not seem to be adjustable. Not sure how to remove the plastic covering where top latch locks.


The retainer is probably for a newer model. If it won't line up with anything then I wouldn't worry about it. The plastic trim on the upper striker just pulls off (snap on fit).

Click below for striker and hinge adjustment procedures.







Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Kenny,

Please bear with me. I still need to do the adjustments you provided to keep the doors from rattling. Will post the results or ask for more help soon. Those two inside door covers are cluttering up my office. But my wife has side tracked me for a few days with several HoneyD's. You have been a great help so far. Thanks!

Its my pleasure, take your time. You already accepted so no need to rush.


Good luck.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Kenny Z,
Glad we had a warm day Tuesday here in north Florida.
Finished making the final adjustments to the door as you had explained.
There was little or no adjustment at the bottom.
There were two snaps holding the upper trim cover.
Adjusted the top all the way in.
Was still some wiggle but that was in the latch and seemed to be about the same as driver side back door.
No rattle going down a rough road.
Made no adjustments to the hinges.
Re-installed the inside panels that had been stored in my office since November..
This job is done.
Again thanks Kenny Z.
I am 100% sastified and could not have gotten it done without you.

My keyless entry is still flakey. This problem is now more than a year old.
If a few days go by without opening/unlocking the doors, have to use the key.
Sometimes the key is hard to turn to open the door.
But, after opening the door, the keyless works all day every time until my F250 sits for a couple days. Then problem returns USUALLY!!
Ford says they have never heard of the problem and there is NO fix.
Will be happy to pay for a fix on this one if you can ever sole it.
Have a great day Kenny Z.
Stay warm.......
Hello again. Glad you got the repair all finished. As far as the keyless entry goes, I have not seen this either but if I had to guess I would say the security module is not waking up correctly after extended shutdown. Thats just a guess - I don't even know how I would begin troubleshooting this issue to be honest with you.