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2001 f 150: u replace the heater core..removing

Resolved Question:

can u replace the heater core in a 2001 f 150 with out removing the whole dash
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Virtual Wrench replied 6 years ago.



There is A LOT that has to be removed to get to the heater core. Below is a short procedure for replacing it. It does require removal of instrument panel though. If you want the instructions for the instrument panel let me know.





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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
how to remove insturment panal
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
on a 2001 f150 with [passenger side air bag
Expert:  Virtual Wrench replied 6 years ago.



Ok,,,,get ready!




  1. If equipped with power seats, move the seats fully rearward.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    CAUTION After disconnecting the negative battery cable, wait for 1 minute for the SRS module to deplete its energy.
  3. Drain the cooling system into a clean container for reuse.
  4. Remove the instrument panel by performing the following procedure:
    1. If equipped with automatic transmission, move the shift lever to the 1 position to ease removal.
    2. At the lower driver-s side instrument panel, release the electrical connector push button clip and move the connector aside.
    3. Remove the fuse panel door.
    4. Remove the hood latch release handle screws and move the hood release handle aside.
    5. Remove the parking brake release handle screws and move the parking brake release handle aside.
    6. If equipped, remove the 2 instrument panel floor duct panel push clips and release the expander clip.
    7. Remove the lower steering column cover bolts and the cover.
    8. Remove both front door scuff plates.
    9. Remove both side cowl trim panels.
    10. Disconnect the electrical connector from the Brake Pedal Position (BPP) switch.
    11. Remove the radio ground and the GEM/CTM ground bolts.
    12. Disconnect the left side instrument panel main wiring harness connector.
    13. In the engine compartment, remove the bulkhead wiring harness connector bolts and disconnect the wiring connectors.
    14. In the engine compartment, release the 6 locking tabs and remove the bulkhead electrical connector from the instrument panel.
    15. Disconnect the air bag diagnostic monitor electrical connector.
    16. Disconnect the inertia fuel shutoff switch electrical connector.
    17. Remove the right side ground bolts.
    18. Disconnect the right side instrument panel wiring harness connectors.
    19. Disconnect the electronic blend door actuator electrical connector.
    20. Disconnect the climate control head vacuum harness connector.
    21. Remove the steering column opening cover reinforcement nuts and the cover reinforcement.
    22. At the base of the steering column, disconnect the air bag sliding contact and the anti-theft sensor electrical connectors.
    23. At the steering column, disconnect the remaining electrical connectors.
    24. If equipped with a transmission range indicator, remove the bolt and disconnect the cable.
    25. Remove the steering column-to-instrument panel nuts and lower the steering column.
    26. Remove and disconnect the radio.
    27. Remove the instrument panel relay cover and disconnect the autolamp sensor electrical connector.
    28. Remove the glove box.
    29. At the passenger-s air bag module, remove the screws, disconnect the electrical connector and remove the air bag module.


Place the air bag module in a safe place with the front facing upward.



  1. Remove the right side assist handle screw covers, the screws and the handle.
  2. At both doors, pull back the weatherstrip seals and remove the windshield garnish moldings.
  3. Remove the instrument panel reinforcement bolt below the left side corner of the glove box.
  4. Through the air bag module opening, remove the instrument panel bolts.
  5. Remove the upper instrument panel cowl covers and bolts.
  6. At the relay bracket, remove the instrument panel bolt.
  7. At the lower left side of the cigar lighter, remove the instrument panel bolt.
  8. At the both sides, remove the instrument panel-to-cowl side nuts.
  9. At the steering column opening, remove the instrument panel bolts.
  10. Remove the upper instrument panel floor brace bolt.
  11. Loosen the instrument panel brace bolts and nut.
  12. Using an assistant, remove the instrument panel.


  1. Compress the holding tabs and disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core.
  2. Remove the air conditioning plenum screw and the air conditioning plenum demister adapter.
  3. Disconnect the vacuum line.
  4. Remove the heater core bracket screws and the bracket.
  5. Remove the 13 heater housing plenum camber cover screws and the heater housing plenum chamber cover.
  6. Remove the blend door assembly from the heater housing.
  7. Remove the heater core.



Virtual Wrench and 4 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you