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Don Knight
Don Knight, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  Over 40Years experiance with all makes and modles
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92 thunderbird sc: hood to take a look..shakes..fuel system cleaner

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my 92 thunderbird sc is making a knock/rattling noise when i am in low gear and accelerates very very slow. when i pop the hood to take a look at the engine while its running i notice that the knocking sound seems to be coming from the engine moving in place!. once it is put into gear the engine shakes and it is a steady knock. i put snr fuel system cleaner in my full tank tonight and it seemed to have fixed the problem, but only 15 minutes later the knocking is back.
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Don Knight :

It may be your motor mounts.Have some one put the car in gear with there foot on the brake.Give the car some gas and see if the engine moves to one side or the other or if it jumps up.Do this with the car in foward and reverse and see what happens.Please let me know what you find,Don

JACUSTOMER-rgs28x3u- :

well it only does the movement when i shift into gear and then after that it has a very small knock. the knock use to be worse before i put the fuel system cleaner. just a little info i just purchased the car. its a 92 thunder bird sc. only 68 k miles, mint condition body. its had a garage life for 12 years and hasn't been started for 3 years. i got it running by hand cranking the motor myself and all that seems to be the problem is this knock. many people suggest a fuel problem

Don Knight :

What you may be hearing is the lifters sticking.If the engine has been sitting for such a long period.I would try some CDR oil treatment or some other oil treatment for freeing up sticky lifters.Yopur local parts house can suggest there favorite.Try putting some in and driving the car.Please let me know what happens and if you need further assistance,Don

JACUSTOMER-rgs28x3u- :

i took it in our family mechanic to get looked at, he thinks its possibly an electrical problem

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