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I am trying to replace the PCV valve on a 2006 Ford Focus SE

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I am trying to replace the PCV valve on a 2006 Ford Focus SE ZX4 with 87,000 miles, but I am unable to locate it.

I removed the hose from the intake manifold, which is roughly S shaped and is also connected to the large hose that runs between the air filter and engine. The PCV valve is not inside the S shaped hose. The outlet from the intake manifold does not twist and appears to be part of the manifold, so my only conclusion is that the PCV valve is inside the manifold. Is this true? I have a hard time believing that the engineers would make someone go through two hours of labor and replace a gasket just to get to a PCV valve when it usually twists off on most vehicles.


Unfortunately, it's true. The fine automotive engineers over at Ford did in fact put the PCV behind the manifold. The manifold must be removed to access the PCV. The labor guide calls for 2.1hrs to complete the job. On the plus side however, the PCV is pretty solid, and very rarely goes bad.


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