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My 99 Ford Mustang V6 has the DTC code P1413. I know this

Resolved Question:

My 99 Ford Mustang V6 has the DTC code P1413. I know this is the Secondary Air Injection System Monitor Circuit Low code meaning The secondary air injection system monitor circuit is low, indicating the electrical AIR pump is off although the electrical AIR pump was commanded on by the PCM.

The AIR Pump was replaced and works when attached to a 12volt battery. When the car is running there is only 7.6 volts running to the pump and it is not turning on. The power to the CCRM is 11.5 volts. I am not sure why there is only 7.6 volts running to the AIR pump and do not know how to check where the loss in voltage is. Also what makes up the air monitor circuit so I can try to follow it? Please help. Thank you.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  JuanS replied 7 years ago.
HelloCustomer Thanks for using

First off I'm glad to see you've done your homework. You are correct, the PCM is not seeing the pump turn on, and thats whats causing your code. The only thing you got wrong is that the CCRM does not control the Air Pump. There is a seperate solid state relay located near the air filter that controls the pump.

You will first need to check this relay for Power and check its grounds. First check the black and yellow wire. If this has twelve volts then check the ground. If its good then the relay is most likely bad if your only getting 7v at the pump.
You can see in the diagram that the PCM just monitors the power going to the pump. If the white wire to the pump has 12v then the pcm is happy.

Here are the schematics to help you. This is not a common problem with this vehicle, so I am sorry I cannot give you a precise answer. You will need to do more testing.


I hope this information helps you solve your concern, If you need more let me know! If you are satisfied with my answer then please click accept to give me credit for my work.

Thank you
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