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2005 Ford F-150: 500 miles..a full tune up, new plugs, gas filter, etc

Resolved Question:

I have a 2005 Ford F-150. It has 86,500 miles. I just had a full tune up, new plugs, gas filter, etc. Several times within the last week, while driving less than 45 mph, the engine started to shudder, the whole truck would shake, the check engine light would flash, and it sounded like it was being starved for gas. This only happens in the morning when the engine is cold, once warmed up it is ok. When this happens, I would give it more gas but no change, at any speed. It would speed up, but shake and shudder more.. I would then pull over, put it in neutral, let it idle for a few minutes, while revving it now and then, and then after a few minutes, it would go away, and be normal the rest of the day. The check engine light would then go off. Any ideas on this ?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.

What was the reason for the tune-up originally? Did this problem occur prior to the tune-up ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I figured at 86 k milles, I needed new plugs, etc. I change the gas filter every 30k, so I was getting close. It didn't do it before the tune-up. They only thing they did was change the plugs, gas and air fliter, lube, and oil change, nothing else.
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.
The flashing checkengine lamp indicates a cylinder missfire is in progress. The engine computer will store information that will help determine which cylinder or cylinders has been missing. Once you determine which cylinder has the miss i would check that cylinders spark plug and make sure it is not cracked if the plug is not cracked you may have a coil that has failed. Testing of the coils can be done with a scope if availiable. Otherwise you could swap the coil from the cylinder that is missing and see if the missfire moves to that cylinder. IF the plug and coil are ok then i would suspect a failed fuel injector, ford has extended the warranty on the injectors to 11 years 120000 miles whichever comes first. For future reference your factory ford plugs dont require replacement until 100,000 (and they certainly last that long)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Will the computer be able to tell if I have a bad fuel injector ? or a bad coil, or does the coil for that plug have to be pulled and tested ? When the plugs were replaced, they were pretty worn out as compared to the new ones.
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.
The computer will tell for sure which cylinder is missing. Then the coil can be tested with a ociliscope with the coil on the engine. To verify a fuel injector concern i would remove the injector rail and see if the injector on the suspect cylinder is dripping with the key turned on. The computer does not do all the work but it gives you the correct direction to follow.
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