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Ford snr master
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1997 ford f150 it has the dash switch for the four wheel drive and

Resolved Question:

1997 ford f150 it has the dash switch for the four wheel drive
and it will not go intoXXXXXFuse are good but their is no power going to the the transfercase motor. Check the wire plugs at transfercase
and at driver side floor power there ,is ther a relay in one of the fuse boxes . There is one box under the dash and one big box and two
smaller boxes under the hood.Check oweners manual but it does not show
a relay for theXXXXX.Any ideas would be helpfull,Thank you
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.

good morning and thank you for choosing JustAnswer, Most likely you have a bad 4x4 (GEM) module which isn't uncommon on these vehicles. Also these models have been known for water leaking in from the windshield onto the fusebox and GEM module causing them to short out as well. You can lay on the driver's side floor ,looking up above the fusebox and inspect for any signs of water intrusion, i.e. rust stains or traces, dried water traces or possibly even standing water on the GEM or fusebox, if water intrusion is present ,reseal the windshield with Ford part number TA-30 silicone , and replace the GEM module and inspect the fusebox if replacement is required due to water damage. I would have the GEM module scanned for codes and based on the code retrieved you will either identify the component at fault, or if it has a b1342 sored in it you will likely need to replace the module. I have included the wiring diagrams you were wishing to obtain




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