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How do I change the Oil Pan gasket for a 1995 ford f 150 4.9

Customer Question

How do I change the Oil Pan gasket for a 1995 ford f 150 4.9 inline 6? Do I have to raise the engine? How far do I need to raise it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Ray M. replied 7 years ago.

Here are the shop manual steps,it explains how to remove the pan and how high it needs to be lifted.

Section 03-01A: Engine, 4.9L Six-Cylinder1995 Bronco/F-Series Workshop Manual


Oil Pan and/or Oil Pump Screen Cover and Tube


  1. Drain the crankcase and the cooling system.
  1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist. Disconnect the battery to starter relay cable (14300) at the starter motor (11002) and remove the attaching bolts and starter motor.
  1. Remove the engine front support insulator-to-support bracket nuts and washers on both supports. Raise the front of the engine (6007) with a transmission jack and wood block and place 25.4mm (1-inch) thick wood blocks between the front engine support insulator (6038) and front engine support brackets (6028). Lower the engine and remove the transmission jack.
  1. Remove the oil pan attaching bolts and lower the oil pan (6675) to the crossmember front frame.
  1. Remove two bolts securing oil pump (6600) to cylinder block (6010). Remove nut securing oil pump screen cover and tube (6622) and drop into oil pan.
  1. Remove oil pan and oil pan gasket (6710) from vehicle.
  1. Remove oil pump from oil pan.
  1. Remove oil pan gasket from cylinder block or oil pan.


  1. Clean cylinder block and oil pan flanges.
  1. Set oil pump and assembled oil pump screen cover and tube in oil pan.
  1. Apply WSE-M4G323-A3 sealer to parting lines between rear main bearing cap and cylinder block, and between engine front cover (6019) and cylinder block.
  1. Apply a suitable pressure-sensitive adhesive to cylinder block flange and oil pan gasket. Make sure oil pan gasket is positioned in rear main bearing cap groove and tucked into cap-to-block slot.
  1. Position oil pan on crossmember front frame.
  1. Raise oil pump into position and start bolts. Start oil pump screen, cover, and tube nut.
  1. Tighten oil pump bolts to 17-24 Nm (12-18 lb-ft). Tighten oil pump screen, cover, and tube nut to 30-43 Nm (22-32 lb-ft).
  1. Position oil pan on cylinder block flange.
  1. Install four bolts in positions A as shown and hand-tighten.
  1. Install the rest of the bolts and tighten to 20-23 Nm (15-17 lb-ft) except for bolt in position C. Tighten bolt in position C to 21-27 Nm (15-20 lb-ft).

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    1 6A674 Oil Pan Flange Reinforcement (RH)
    2 390674 Screw
    3 390674 Screw
    4 390674 Screw
    5 390674 Screw
    6 390674 Screw
    7 390674 Screw
    8 6A674 Oil Pan Flange Reinforcement (LH)
    9 390674 Screw
    10 6701 Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal
    11 6710 Oil Pan Gasket
    12 6675 Oil Pan Assembly
    A - Install First and Hand-Tighten
    B - Install After Bolts A and Tighten ALL to 20-23 Nm (15-17 Lb-Ft)
    C - Tighten to 21-27 Nm
    (16-20 Lb-Ft)
  1. Raise the engine with a transmission jack and remove the wood blocks from the front engine support brackets. Lower the engine until the front engine support insulators are positioned on the front engine support brackets. Install the washers and nuts on the insulator studs and tighten the nuts to 73-100 Nm (54-74 lb-ft).
  1. Install the starter motor (11001) and connect the starter cable.
  1. Lower the vehicle. Install the radiator (8005). Refer to Section 03-03.
  1. Install the upper intake manifold (9424) and throttle body (9E926).
  1. Install the oil pan drain plug (6730). Fill the crankcase with oil specified in Section 00-03. Fill cooling system as outlined in Section 03-03.
  1. Start the engine and check for coolant and oil leaks.