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ford Windstar: factory autodimming rear view mirror..wire diagram

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I have a factory "autodimming rear view mirror" for my ford Windstar. The mirror is from a 1997-98 Windstar. How can I receive a wire diagram for this mirror or could you supply one for me. There are six(6) wires at this mirror. This mirror also has a slide bar which I believe increases and decreases something.

Is this what you need?









Automatic Dimming

The automatic dimming mirror:

  • changes from normal to non-glare when light reaches the mirror from the rear of the vehicle only.
  • functions mainly at night, with limited function at dusk or dawn.
  • returns from the non-glare state to the normal state after a short delay. The delay starts when glare goes away, and prevents excessive changing of the mirror as traffic moves behind and around the vehicle, or on rolling hills and curves.
  • This also measures the brightness of the light in front of the vehicle and automatically makes a correction in the glare state.

There are two light sensors (photocells) in this mirror:

  • The sensor that detects rear glare is located in the center of the mirror.
  • The second light sensor which determines outside light level is located on the back of the mirror case.

One important safety feature is that the mirror automatically returns to the normal state whenever the vehicle is placed in REVERSE. This feature makes sure the view in the mirror is clear and bright when backing up.

To turn on the automatic mirror, turn the ignition switch to RUN.

The mirror can be temporarily darkened by covering the outside light sensor on the back of the mirror case.



ItemPart NumberDescription
1 - Light Sensor (Part of 17700)
2 - Auto Lamp ON/OFF Switch (Part of 17700)
3 - Slide Knob (Part of 17700)
4 - Mode Switch (Bottom of Case) (Part of 17700)

Chuck and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
Just want to thank you for the drawings. One question, I believe I have enough to complete my install, but I want to make sure what to do with #2 output, this wire (W/P) I'm not sure where it goes.

Here is where they hook up. You will need to find connector C244 behind the left kick panel.It may already have the wiring there.







Chuck and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
All is going OK. The diagrams you sent me helped me to understand a lot. There is one thing I still need. My Windstar is a 2002 and to install this mirror(from a 1998) I need similar information of the cowls and wire diagrams but for my 2002. I'm hoping to find the needed wires/plugs to successfully get this mirror working.
                                    Thanks, Shane
Ok let me work on that and I will get them to you. I will have to print them then scan them because they are SVG files in 2002 so I just can't copy and paste.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'll be waiting for your answer, thanks!
Can't get them to go here at work I'll try it on my home computer when I get home. Probably be around 7:30
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for keeping me informed.
Shane    Time here is 6:20pm c.s.time.



We will try this again.


I don't know how this will turn out.


Here is 2 of them I got to reduce the others to get them on here






Here are the other 2









Can you make these out?


Basically you will not need the auto headlamp part hooked up on pin 2

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the drawings. Sorry to say I'm not able to use them because of their poor quality at this end. I'm sure the originals were great. I still need help to get this mirror wired in properly.
                                   Sincerely, Shane
Are you just trying to use the diming feature only?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was hoping to have all functions on the mirror working, if this was possible.

The slide bar is for the automatic headlights and I don't know how you would get that feature to work on a 2002 model because that is a total different set up.


The 2002 model just used the auto dim feature which just requires a power and a ground to the mirror.It also had a 3rd wire which just hooks to rear body control module and when you go to reverse it blocks the diming feature.


If you hook power to pin 6 and ground to pin 4 of the 98 mirror the auto dim feature should work. If you want the disable feature for reverse to work you will have to hook pin3 of your mirror to pin4 of the C3070b connector at the rear body control module,BK/PK wire.


Do you already have automatic headlights on your vehicle?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Chuck,
I believe you're right. I don't have auto-lights and you help me to understand a little more on how I'm going to get the dimming feature working.

Yeah the 2002 the instrument cluster module is what controls the auto headlights and it would have a sensor in the top left corner of the dash. Total different set up. You would have to change alot of stuff like cluster,harness, etc to get this feature to work and probablt the front electonic module also.


I would just wire up the diming feature and not worry about the rest.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok Chuck,
So in regards XXXXX XXXXX rear body control module that I'm hooking the 3rd wire to, I think the drawing you sent shows the plug. Is that wire in a location closer to the front of the van or do I need to run a wire all the way to the rear.

The 3rd wire is to disable the dimming feature when you go to reverse,this is all it does.

Yes you would have to run a wire from there to the right rear corner of the vehicle to the body control module. It is behind the quarter trim panel just forward of the tail lights.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
This should be our last encounter with this. You've done well to help me with this install. Thank-you very much. And thanks for your patience.
                             Shane C. --- Canada!
No problem,thanks for using Just Answer