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My 2000 Crown Victoria has begun making a loud humming noise

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My 2000 Crown Victoria has begun making a loud humming noise on an intermittant basis. It has done this twice. The noise will not start upon cranking a cold engine but sometimes start after the car has been driven 4 or 5 miles. Again it does not do this on a consistant basis and it has only happened twice. It does not sound like a bearing but more like a howling noise. It stops a split second after the key is turned off. Any idea what the noise is?
ive been to baton rouge i watched lsu play and miami dolphins i like the food there but if the noise is coming from the engine i have seen iac valves make weird noises kinda like you talking about
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This noise is unlike any I have ever heard an engine make. It is extremely loud, so much so,that my neighbors on either side could hear it when the car was driven in. I checked all pulleys and the belt to be sure it wasn't coming from them. I was unable to pinpoint a source. I said a howling...perhaps an overbearing humming! I am sorry but that is all I can tell you.
ok you have the 4.6 engine look at the back of the throttle body and theres the iac and it may have a tube coming off it those valves can make that noise let me know ok
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK. Will check and get back to you.
ok and i will look for somthing else ok
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I inspected the throttle body although I am not exactly sure what an IAC valve is. In the process of examination I decided to crank the vehicle. For the first time the noise started with a cold crank. I decided to listen for the noise through a stedtrescope and it pinpointed the noise on the large intake hose leading into the throttle housing from the air filter. It was very loud as I moved toward the filter housing. I decided to pull the air filter to see what would happen, unfortunately, I killed the engine before doing this. Upon restart there was no noise so I re-installed the air filter...still no noise. I am not sure the filter is the cause, it appears clean enough, but I am going to replace it anyway. If it happens again I will looke further into the throttle end. Thanks for the help.
hey the iac is bolted to the rear of the throttle body its held in with two 8mm bolts and that noise would travel through it if it continues give it a smack and see what happens but i think thats your problem good luck and keep me informed we will figure it out ok im sending this as my answer just know im still here even after you pay thank you
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