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I have a 2002 Ford windstar that has a radio problem. The radio

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I have a 2002 Ford windstar that has a radio problem. The radio works sometimes. It will flash on/off. then other times it will work just fine. Checked all fuses. Any ideas??
HelloCustomer Please meet Sam. Providing it's a factory radio and with intermittent concerns such as this one the dealership we send these radios out to an authorized Ford electronics service department for repairs. You can save money yourself by removing the radio and bringing it to your nearest Ford parts department and they will send it out for you. Hopefully, I have helped you out that you wwill "ACCEPT" and provide a positive feedback. THANKS!!
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I'm very sorry that you felt that my answer was in "general". You indicated you wanted "ideas".... and other than all the connections of the power and ground to the radio being good then it is an internal malfunction...particularly, when it is an intermittent was mentioned by you. This is NOT an uncommon concern of Ford radio's as I have sent many, many out to the Ford Electronics Department for repairs. Either it is repaired at the Ford Electronics Department or swapped out for another known, good one and/or an after-market radio.... are the alternatives. Again, I'm sorry that my usual repair procedures of this concern were too "general" for you!.........Sam
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Did not mean to offend you. I should have stated that we are vesred in trouble shooting procedure and have tried just about everything, including swapping the radio out. I guess I WAS the one who was "general". Thank you for your time.

<p>I'm very, very sorry...It's just that I didn't feel right that you accepted the answer I provided when your concern was NOT fully addressed by me. I strive for complete satisfaction in answering customers concerns and do NOT expect payment until then!   I certainly aprreciated your acceptance but you MUST be satisfied! It certainly would've changed my answer to you had I known that....."we are versed in trouble shooting procedure and have tried just about everything, including swapping the radio out". Being "versed" myself and knowing all of this most pertinent information now....the fault lies within the wiring and/or bad connections. This is what I would do, providing that all the pins in the connector of the radio and that at the fusebox connections are secured, I would eliminate the existing power wires that run from the fusebox to the radio. I would run my own overlay of the power wires from fuse #12, 10 amp, (yellow/black wire and fuse #13, 15 amp, (light green/purple) from the fuse panel to the radio. Road test to verify if this is the repair and if not we will do the very same to the grounds at the back of the green and black ...also make sure the antenna is secured as it is a source of ground as well. Well, you've got me "on a roll" with this one so now I've just GOT TO find out what your exact repair will be....please let me know! THANKS!!!</p><p>P.S. No hard's just that a "Neutral" feedback to me....means that I'm not doing my job thoroughly....and that I ALWAYS strive to do! I'd really like to know what repairs your concern......Thanks again...........Sam</p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Looks like the radio we swapped out was also bad. We put another one in and guess what!! You guessed it. It worked. Thank you for your concern. Everything is good.


Herb Layne

Thanks for the reply Herb Layne! WOW, I'm glad to hear of your findings. That's why I did mention "another known, good one". It's not unlikely to have two bad radio' I mentioned this is a common problem with the Ford radio's and that's why I'm requested to install after-market ones, unless they're under warranty and then they get sent out for repairs. In any event......I'm very glad to hear that you're able to full-time "Customer" now without any more intermittent loss of your radio! I knew we'd get to the bottom of this! THANKS! I could only get my "Neutral" changed...but it can''s there in concrete. :o(
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