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2001 Ford Windstar: battery keeps..Theft light stays on..die

Resolved Question:

My 2001 Ford Windstar battery keeps dying and the Theft light stays on. Nothing was left on to cause battery to die. When I try to charge the battery it will not take charge becuase of Theft

How do I get charge on battery so I can get it fixed
What is causing this
It has happened 3 times in last 5 months
Dave Nebl
Submitted: 8 years ago via
Category: Ford
Expert:  randyjaneway replied 8 years ago.

The only reason a battery won't take a charge is if the battery is no good. Your intermittent concern may be caused by an intermittently pinched wire. Check these areas for pinched wires.

These critical pinch points are:

  • Jack mount bracket that may trap the body harness, 14A005, takeouts to the REM module. Remove jack mount and inspect wiring to the REM module
  • Check Trailer Tow Connector (at the lower right "D" pillar beside the inertia switch, for corrosion, dirt or poor splices.
  • Passenger side cargo net hooks/screws could go through the right "D" pillar 14A005 wiring. Remove Cargo net hooks and inspect behind the panel at the "D" pillar
  • Under upper right "D" pillar trim garnish
  • Dash 3rd attachment bolt: Located above the FEM module to the top left side where the 14A005 harness connects to the 14290 through two connectors, the wires then are sandwiched between the dash side and the body upper cowl side
  • Behind the Fuse Junction Box located on the driver side lower cowl
  • Under the driver door metal scuff plate, thick bundle of wiring may chafe against the metal scuff bracket
  • Interior lights: wires may get trapped and pinched under 2nd and 3rd row side reading lights. Check reading lights
  • Check for any lump in the rear or front carpet area for any foreign object that may be chafing a wire
  • Check for metal burrs under the headliner at the Passenger side "C" pillar area
  • Check if the modules ever go to "Sleep" after the ignition key was cycled into accessory then off. Replace the ICM if that was the case
  • Check right and left park lights in the front fascia for trapped wiring
  • Check wiper motor takeout wires under the wet cowl
  • Check 14290 harness under the plastic shield secured to the top of the radiator support

Other than that, have the battery tested and test the charging system for proper output.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

When you say the only reason battery won't take charge is because it is bad


Let me clarify a little better what happens when I connect battery charger to make sure I communicated properly

When I connect battery charger red to positive on battery black to metal body the charger show no sign from battery. When I connect red to pos of battery and black to neg of battery all instruments flash including head lights interiorer lights and clicking is heard. The other two times this happens I kept moving key, brake peddal misc until battery charger showed positive signs of charge taking place. Does this still match what you think that battery is bad and then I still need to find source of intermittent discharge from possible wire issues

Expert:  randyjaneway replied 8 years ago.
The proper way to charge a battery is to hook up at the battery with the key off. Charge at a lower level for a longer time gives best results. What happens after you get the battery fully charged?
randyjaneway and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It has normally stayed charged and worked ok, except for the 3 times it died recently.

the first time took charge no problem

Last time and this problems getting it to charge

Seems to be locked out from the theft system, the light keep blinking while I am trying to charge, only charged after light went out

I have used trickle charge every time with cables hooked up to positive and metal ground