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my compressor for my a/c is making a rataling noise the clutch

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my compressor for my a/c is making a rataling noise the clutch still works and blows really cold but i was woundering if this is a common problem and to replace it would i take it out from the top or bottom i heard bottom but i have no lift

Hi there


Need some info ,,,Year -Make and modle


we can go back and forth on this page



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2005 ford taurus se on the compressor there is a round spacer that goes around the clutch and when it is not engaged it sits ther and rattles but stops when clutch is engaged just dont want it to lock up then im out more parts and compressor

OK -- usaly if the clutch goes bad its a sign of the front seal on the a/c compressor is leaking ,, oil gets on the clutch and it starts to fall apart ----but there are some cases ware the clutch just goes bad ,,and its the only thing you need to replace ,,,,,you may be in this category ,, if the clutch and pulley to not look like the have oil or a wetness to it ,,,then you can just replace the clutch ---they are about $50 ,,




as you can see from the pic above there is one 8mm bolt that holds the clutch to the a/c compressor( number 6 ) ,,, on the 05 Taurus you can just remove this bolt and slide the clutch off and replace it without remove the compressor from the engine ---it takes some time with hand tools ,,,but its better then removing the whole unit ------- once the bolt is removed and you slide it off there is a spacer,,usaly only one between the clutch and the compressor ( number 4),,it looks like a small washer ,,,sometimes it sticks to the compressor and some times it sticks in side the clutch ,,,,make sure you put it in the new clutch --


but if you clutch looks like its leaking on the front seal ,,then you have to replace the compressor



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

thanks man i think it is just the clutch like i said no green freon around it just the clutch rattle and if it is now i know i dont even have to get the compressor out thats goin to be a big time saver i would have thrown a wrench if i found that out after i did it thanks man

Sounds good ,, it is a tight fit ,,,but it will come off without removing the compressor


its kind of trickey to do ,,due to you have to hold the clutch while trying to remove the 8 mm bolt




I use a pry bar or a big screw driver to hold the clutch