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2000 grand marquis ls: the blower motor is not working currently

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I have a 2000 grand marquis ls that the blower motor is not working currently. I checked the motor and it is fine. It is power that is getting to the motor that is not working. I tried to check the wiring but cannot see where it goes to. The car has electronic controls for cooling and heating. When you turn the fan switch up to high (rotoray switch) you can here a click. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks for asking Just Answer.There is 2 wires that go to the blower motor,one should have power and the other no power.If they both show power with it still connected,then you most likely have a bad blower speed controller.It is located in the evaporator housing near the RH side of the engine.It`s a bit of a pain to change if you have never changed one before,just not alot of room to work.I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Are you saying I should put a meter on each wire and the other side of the meter to ground?
When you say RH I am assuming you are talking right side if you were sitting in the car?
Do you have to take the blower motor out to get to this? Thanks for your help.
You can check the blower motor with either a volt meter or a test light.With the key on and the a/c on,check both wires at blower motor one at a time.With a meter,connect the red lead to blower motor and the black lead to ground.You should read at least 10 volts on one wire and almost 0 on the other.If you show more than 10 volts on both the blower controller is most likely the problem.When I said RH side,that is the passenger side.I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have 13 volts on both wires when I put it to ground. Sonds like the speed switch controller is bad. Can you help me a little more with understanding exactly where it is located. Under the hood there is the the blower motor housing which you can take 4 screws out and have t he blower motor out and then there is a unit next to it that looks like the AC refrigerant line runs through that looks like a nightmare to get loose and looks like you may have to undo the refrigerant lines. The wires from the blower motor run down under the housing that the blower motor goes to and I cannot see where they go.
Do you have any pictures that would help?
I don`t have any pictures available to send.I will try to explain where it is.Standing in front of the car you will see the blower motor to the left,inside the housing it bolts to is where the evaporator is ( this is what the refrigerant lines hook to ) on the other side of the evaporator housing is where the blower controller is.Right behind the valve cover on the passenger side.It has 2 bolts that hold it to the evaporator housing and has 4 or 5 wires going to it.I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry for the delay...I found what you are talking about and got the screws out but there is a hose that is in the way. I was going to take this off but decided to move the car to a cooler location. When I did htis the blower started working. I put the screws back in and currently it is working. What are the chances it will stop working again? Is this a dealer only item?


It is possible it will stop working again.As long as it is working I would wait until it quits again to change it.The hose is a heater hose that has coolant going through it.It is easier to change by moving the hose out of the way.Just take it loose at the engine,be sure the engine is cool when you do.You will lose a little coolant when you do,just refill at the recovery bottle.I`m not sure if the parts houses offer this part,but I would suggest getting it from the dealer,you will get a better quality part.Ihope it continues to work for you.

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