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lostrider, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE Master Technician, Ford Senior Master Technician,Diesel certified, ASE Master, 22 yrs FORD exp.
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Ford f150: triton..v8 turns over but will not start..full tank

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ford f150 triton v8 turns over but will not start. has full tank of fuel. Any ideas.

Hi bmax this is lostrider.

~Did you say the THEFT light is flashing with the key in the RUN position?

~How many keys do you have for the truck, have you tried all the keys?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes it does,    correction it flashes fast.
2 keys tried both same problem.
With the THEFT light flashing, the truck thinks its being stolen, the Processor has disabled the fuel injectors, The keys for the truck has a computer chip in them and they are programed to the trucks Processor and instrument cluster, If there is another key, try it to see if the truck will start then, if it does then there is a problem with that one key, if not then there is a problem with the anti-theft system, If that is the only key then the truck will have to be towed to the dealership for diagnosis and repairs. There is no way to bypass the system , sorry.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
if wires are moved around uder dash will this cause same problem. as his wife cleand truck for him and it didn't work for them after that. and if so woud fixing that solve problem. or what else would cause this symptom.rain in an open window. or just bd computer or ign.switch. as this went away last time when wires and fuses moved around. could it need reset if sohow.
there is not a reset for the system, behind the ignition key cylinder there is a module called the PATs Transceiver, it sends the code to the PCM and Instrument cluster for the Truck to start, If the transceiver was unplugged or the wires broken, then yes that would be the problem, unless she washed down and shorted the transceiver out that could also be a condition, but its a sealed module and I just dont see that happening. Thats why I said check it with a second key if available, Ive seen where the price scanners at the Foodlion wipe the key chip out.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
where is the wire harnes for the PAT's transeiver. will the bad key if tried enough times cause computer to lock out and need be disconected to reset itself. and try other key when computer resets. a posibl.Or does key need reprog. so truck doesn't need to go into shop.
The wiring harness runs down the lower side of the steering coloum to a bracket, it is a white connector, Here is a diagram of the transceiver, the PATs system will reset its self after about 1min if a non programed key is installed, a bad key will not upset the system, it will put a code in the PCM stating an unprogramed key fault, But it will reset itself. if they have another key and it starts the truck, and they want to replace a bad key it will still have to go to the dealer to have the key programed or some of your high end locksmiths have the tool to program a PATs key also.#2 is the connector.graphic
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It ended up being relay #1 in the fuse box was hot so I wigld it and then it started,must be bad.Just wanted to let you know and lostrider it's not a problem. you were extremley helpful.Thank You and God bless
Thank you and have a nice night.