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AlvinC, Ford Technician
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My 1994 Ford E350 (motorhome class C) with 460 engine dies ...

Resolved Question:

My 1994 Ford E350 (motorhome class C) with 460 engine dies at the first stop after full throttle for more than a few minutes. Engine will restart immediately but die as soon as increased RPM attempted. After approximately 30 minutes engine will restart and accelerate. Oxygen sensor, fuel filter and Ignition Module have been replaced and unit driven without incident for 3000 miles over mountains etc. Now the same problems are recurring.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  AlvinC replied 8 years ago.
Don, I suspect you have 1 of two issues and both are a pain in the rear end to diag due to conditions involved with the failure. To figure this out you will need 2 things to take with you. You can get these at a local parts store. The first is a fuel pressure gauge it will attatch to the test port on the engines fuel rail it will have a cap on it and look like a tire valve. Hook it up and monitor fuel pressure when it quits. your fuel pressure should be 38-40psi. When it quits turn the key off and try to start checking pressure. If pressure is good the next thing you will need is a 12volt test light the kind with a bulb and not a LED. When it quits and will not start with the key on check for power at the red/grn wire at the coil you should have power if you do now check for power at the green/yel wire on the coil it should flash dimmly while cranking. If it doesn't replace your distributor because the pick up coil has failed. If it flashes remove the coil wire to the distributor and crank it over it should arc from the coil tower if it does not replace the coil it is failing, I hope this helps, If not let me know, Al
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