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2002 explorer sport: .The battery went dead all..long trip

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2002 explorer sport .The battery went dead all of the sudden after a long trip. now every other day it will start and sometimes not . The daytime running lights flicker dimly . the alt is putting out 13.9 volts and when a load is put on it it maintains its output. the battery has been load tested and is good. I get a small spark when I touch the neg cable to bat with all stuff turned off. Do I have a draw somwhere ? or is the alt starting to die ? any suggestions? Phil


If the battery goes dead after a couple of could have a draw. A good way to test for that is put a digital volt meter/amp meter in series at the battery. You have to wait about 45 min to let the modules go into sleep mode. You should have no more than .050 milliamp draw. If you have more than can start to remove fuses to pinpoint the circuit with the draw. The alternator could be intermittely not charging....but it sounds more like that you have a draw. I would have the alternator load see if its Amp output is good. If you need anymore help..please let me know.

Good Luck


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Richie99's Post: Hi Rich : I have put a meter on the neg post and pulled all the fuses . I am getting 11.0 ma when I connect the meter to the neg post and the neg bat lead and it drops right away to 2.5 ma and stays there . The only time it goes off is when I pull the large 50 a fuse under the hood in the eng comp . this large circuit controls a number of things like wipers and dome light so I must have a draw . I also pulled all the relays and it did not go off.two weeks ago I had a new trany put in but did not have a problem until now so I don't think thats it .I will wait 45 min to try again tks Phil
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hello again : I have waited 45 min and put the meter on again . It is now reading .023 so I guess this means no draw .I don't know if my cheap piece of crap meter is reading correctly so I will leave the cable disconnected tonight and see if the bat goes dead .it will not read on the fused mode of the meter but seems to be giving me the right stuff on the unfused plug in lead of the meter It is to the best of my knowledge the factory bat so it might be as simple as the bat is finally giving up .


Well thats good that you don't have a excessive draw. It could be the battery on its way out. I have seen batteries do some strange things when they get old. I would get the alternator load tested to eliminate that as a cause. Its hard to test that alternator without test equipment. You can do a small test by watching battery voltage and turning on a lot of things in the headlights, blower fan, wipers ect....but you really cant see amp output....If you need anymore help please ask



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Rich left the battery volt meter on last night it is down to 6 volts and it was disconnected . I don't get why the daytime running light s flicker until it is run for a while but I for sure need a new battery. Thanks for the tip on 45 min sleep mode .Phil


Thats good that you pinpointed it down to the battery. The light flicker might be cause from the low voltage...but not sure. If you need any more help...please ask



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