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2004 ford f150: doesnt want to start every time

Resolved Question:

my 2004 ford f150 doesn''t want to start every time./ Half the time the ignition disables the motor and then i have to resychronize the key with it(clik it on and off 8 times then turn o and crank. O r some times i turn the key over and it cranks. Ford dealership couldn'' solve the problem. i have only had it two months with only 21,000 on it.Theif light flashes on. Help someone?
Submitted: 9 years ago via
Category: Ford
Expert:  Vincent replied 9 years ago.

You really need to find someone (a technician) that understands how the system works. Talk to the mechanics instead of the service advisors. when describing your concern. Keep in mind that the more information that you get to the technician, the better the chances of your truck getting fixed.

As for now, the next time that the anti theft light is flashing. switch the key right off, adn change the position of the steering wheel (the tilt). I don't know what model 04 you have, but the Heritage f-150 does have a problem with the wires from the PATS transpoder breaking at their connector at the bottom and causing your concern.

The PATS transponder is the sensor ring that is mounted to the igintion lock cylinder that senses the ignition key code.

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