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how to replace brakes pads on 1997 ford taurus

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Hi how are you doing tonight?Are you doing the front or rear Are both?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i will be doing both tonight
Are the rear brakes disc or drum?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the rear brakes are disc i will be starting with the rear
Ok the frist thing is remove the tires then unbolt the brake caliper form the caliper bracket two bolts 12,13 or14mm.You may have to pry the caliper up with a screwdriver.When you get the calper off you are going to have to press the piston in on the caliper.Now the rear brakes you are going to have to use a tool to turn the piston while pressing it back into the bore.this is because the rear calipers have the e-brake assy in them.Without a tool to do that the rear brakes are going to be hard to do.The front brakes just remove the wheel remove caliper bolts and then remove caliper.Press the piston back in the bore with a c-clamp with the old pad against the piston so you don't damage the piston.Lube the slide pins and reinstall.Do one wheel at a time.Hope this helps
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
where can i get the tool for the rear brakes and what kind of tool is it?
I got mine from the snap on tool guy.But i think autozone rents that tool.That would be the cheepest way.To buy the tool it is over $140.00.The tool is called Rear brake caliper Piston tool.They should know what you are talking about.Hope this helped.Have a good night If you need more help i will be back on tomorrow.
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