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Category: Ford
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Experience:  Ford engine , airconditioning, drivabillity and electrical specialist
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How do I release the spare tire on a 2002 ford windstar

Customer Question

I looked under the van and found the spare but I don''t see any way to release it form the undercarriage.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Thomas replied 9 years ago.

Hello dave, This should help.

Removing the spare tire

To remove the spare tire:

1. Open the liftgate and open the

plastic cover from the carpeting on

cargo floor to expose the hex nut.

On cargo van model, lift flap in mat

to expose hex nut.

2. Insert the lug nut wrench on the

hex nut in cargo floor.

3. Turn the wrench

counterclockwise until tire is

lowered to the ground and the cable

is slightly slack.

4. Remove the retainer from the

spare tire.

To install the spare tire:

1. Reverse the removal steps 2

through 4. When the tire is raised to

the stowed position underneath the

vehicle, the hex nut ratchets and will not allow you to overtighten.

2. Check seating position of tire for looseness against the underbody

supports and retighten if necessary.