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How do I replace the fuel pump in a 1997 for thunderbird

Customer Question

I need to replace the fuel pump in my 1997 ford thunderbird, how do I repace it
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Lurch replied 9 years ago.



Place vehicle on hoist; do not raise.
Install Fuel Pressure Gauge T80L-9974-B and relieve fuel system pressure.
Drain fuel from fuel tank.
Raise vehicle on hoist.
Remove the exhaust system as required.
Disconnect fuel hoses and tubes. Disconnect one end of the vapor crossover hose at the rear over the driveshaft. Disconnect fuel tank to filler pipe hose.
NOTE: The plastic fuel tube connections are on top of the fuel tank and are inaccessible. The fuel tank must be lowered to gain access to the connections.
Place a safety support under the fuel tank. Remove the bolts from the fuel tank mounting straps. Take care not to deform the fuel tank or fuel tank support straps. This will avoid affecting fuel tank capacity or fuel pick-up.
Lower the fuel tank and disconnect the rear fuel supply return and vapor tube and electrical connector from the fuel pump module, if required.
Move fuel tank to bench.
Remove any dirt that has accumulated around the fuel tank sending unit retaining flange so that it will not enter the fuel tank during removal and installation.
Turn the fuel pump locking retainer ring counterclockwise using Fuel Tank Sender Wrench T74P-9275-A and remove fuel pump locking retainer ring.
Remove fuel pump module.
Remove fuel pump mounting gasket and discard.



Clean the fuel pump module retaining flange, fuel tank mounting surface and fuel pump mounting gasket groove.
Apply a light coating of Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or XG-1-K or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B on a new fuel pump mounting gasket to hold it in place during assembly and install in fuel pump mounting gasket groove.
Install fuel pump module carefully to make sure that fuel filter element is not damaged. Make sure locating keys are in keyways and fuel pump mounting gasket remains in groove.
Hold fuel pump module in place and install fuel pump locking retainer ring finger-tight. Make sure that all locking tabs are under fuel pump module locking retainer ring tabs.
Secure the fuel pump module by rotating the fuel pump locking retainer ring clockwise using Fuel Tank Sender Wrench T74P-9275-A until fuel pump locking retainer ring stops against stop.
Move fuel tank from bench to vehicle.
Install fuel tank in vehicle.
CAUTION: Make sure that fuel tank heat shields are installed and are positioned correctly or possible damage to the fuel tank may occur.
Lower vehicle.
Install a minimum of 38 liters (10 gal) of fuel and check for leaks.
Install Fuel Pressure Gauge T80L-9974-B on the fuel pressure relief valve. Turn ignition switch from OFF to ON position for three seconds. Turn ignition switch for three seconds repeatedly (5 to 10 times) until pressure gauge shows at least 241 kPa (35 psi). Check for leaks at fittings.
Remove pressure gauge, start engine and re-check for leaks.