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Pete, Technician
Category: Lincoln
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Experience:  Over 17 years diagnosing and repairing automobiles various makes and models with some training and certifications.
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I have a 2000 Lincoln LS v8, 3.9L in which I am having

Customer Question

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS v8, 3.9L in which I am having problems with overheating when driving in A.) stop & go traffic (rush hour) for about 45 mins and B.) after running for a long distance drive (light traffic). If I leave the heater blowing inside the
cabin the car will not overheat but the heater starts blowing very hot air no matter if I have the AC on. This issue started about 1-1/2 to 2 yrs ago after having the engine replaced. Any suggestions on what else could be the issue?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Lincoln
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Additional background info on this car...I have had a some major work done to this car almost two years ago I had the engine replaced with a new engine (might be refurb'ed even though I specifically asked for 'new' not 'refrub'ed'). Original engine experienced a broken timing chain at expressway speeds (60 MPH). Ever since then we have not been able to figure out WHY this car continues to overheat - both at my personal certified mechanic and at Lincoln dealership.Over the course of the last year to year and a half we have done the following work to try to resolve the issue:- Replaced the degaus bottle (myself)
- Replaced the dual climate control module (dealer)
- Replaced a leaking radiator hose (dealer)
- Replaced the radiator (dealer)
- Replaced hydraulic fan motor with a used/good part found on eBay (mechanic)
- Waterpump (actually replaced at the time of new engine install)Myself, my mechanic and the dealership all have tried bleeding to ensure there was no trapped air in the cooling system.
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist with this today.In some cases I may need more info to assist better.I apologize for any delay.

Since you have covered all of the common over heat issues here and since this isnt a major over heat to where your coolant is boiling over the cylinder head gaskets are most likely o.k.

What will cause a slight over heat like this though is the engine running slightly lean.To much air into the engine where it will run lean a little (and you may not notice a running issue with this) the cylinders get hot and this causes the over heat issue.I have seen this caused by a faulty mass air flow sensor sending incorrect air flow signals as well as leaking gaskets like intake gaskets allowing a slight amount of air into the engine that isnt metered.

If the engine has not been checked over to see if this is a lean issue this should be done and if a fault is found it will need corrected.

With what has been done here already this is what needs checked into next to see if you can pinpoint and repair this fault.

If more help is needed, use the reply tab to continue our conversation. If no further assistance is needed, kindly rate my service.You can rate at any time and we can continue to work on your question as this will not close out your question.Keep in mind in some cases it can be difficult to fully diagnose or help repair your vehicle without seeing it and I work on delivering the best possible answer from what I see to work with.

Thanks Pete