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treadmilltech, Technician
Category: Exercise Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 5645
Experience:  20+ years experience repairing exercise equipment with emphasis on Nordictrack/Proform and Horizon
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I have 3 year old Nordictrack C2150 treadmill. It makes squeaky

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I have 3 year old Nordictrack C2150 treadmill. It makes squeaky noise on the right front corner of the treadmill when I walk at the front of the treadmill. It does not happen when walk at the middle or back of the treadmill. Isolator looks fine. Motor belt replaced about one and a half year ago.
Check where the incline frame and the bedrail frame come together. There is a nylon bushing about 1 inch wide that will tend to squeak. Place some lubricant on the bushing and run your incline up and down and see if that corrects the problem. Let me know if you need anything further.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Lubricant did not help. I think I have localized the problem. Noise is coming from space between the console assembly and upright on the right side. I tightned one of the console bolt. It continues to make noise especially when I run. While walking, it does not make much noise. I also noticed that a pink connector is sitting in between the upright and connector. Should that connector be inserted into the upright?

yes, all the wires should be inside the upright. There should be 2-3 bolts on the upright, tighten all of them. If they keep coming loose on you, place some loc-tite on the threads and reinsert the bolts and allow the loc-tite to harden. The loc-tite will keep the bolts locked in place. I have to use loc-tite in several applications when repairing exercise equipment. Hopefully you narrowed it down and can get the noise to stop because I know how annoying it can be. Let me know how it works out.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I inserted all the wires into the upright. I tightened all the bolts. It continues to make noise. I started to wonder whether isolator needs to be replaced. How do you know when to replace isolator? looks good, no breakage. I am furstrated at this point.
The isolators can dry out. Does your walking deck have plastic on it. Sometimes that plastic can wear out and cause noise as well. Let me know.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do not see any plastic on the walking deck. However, I have called a technician to look into it. Thanks