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TOM, Gunsmith
Category: Firearms
Satisfied Customers: 4112
Experience:  17 YRS EXPERIENCE,Certified Armorer
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How can I remove the barrel from. NIKKO Golden Eagle rifle

Customer Question

How can I remove the barrel from. NIKKO Golden Eagle rifle
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  TOM replied 1 year ago.
Hi,To remove the barrel you need a barrel vice and a receiver wrench. Bothe can be purchases from Brownells. The Golden Eagle is a Mauser style receiver and uses a Mauser wrench. The cost is about $275 including the shipping. The barrel needs to be held extremely tight in the vise. or it will just slip and mar the finish. The barrel vise needs to be bolted down. Once the barrel is in the vise put the receiver wrench on the stripped receiver and unscrew it from the barrel. A 3' to 4' "cheater" bar is needed to loosen the receiver, they are very tight and not easy to remove. Before removing a witness mark needs to be put on the barrel and receiver to make sure it goes back to the original spot when installing the barrel. think you would be better off having a gunsmith remove it for you. The tools are expensive and most are not easy to do. Tom

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