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Its like to know had credit cards one time and its been years

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Its like to know had credit cards one time and its been years since needed a credit card . I have not needed a credit card until now. I have applied several credit cards and its they come back not approved and says because Experian the credit report theres no file and can not get the credit card approved the Experian says there is no file its this not right. I would like to ask what credit cards to apply for that do get approved and that are approved and preferable what cards with 0 Apr do get put through. Its have not needed credit cards and now I do like know whidh ones to apply for.

fastfile :

To establish new credit, there are a few tricks. One is to start by making several applications, knowing they will be rejected. This starts a credit bureau file as long as the SSN and birthdate and name are the same on each application.

fastfile :

Then, apply for a gas company credit card like Shell or Chevron. These folks give anyone a credit card that can fog a mirror.

fastfile :

Then, apply to Capital One for a SECURED credit card. They will give you a credit line equal to your deposit because they have nothing to lose.

fastfile :

After you have established credit, then you can get unsecured card and other credit.

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