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I want to make sure I am doing my fasfa correct- I was advised

Customer Question

I want to make sure I am doing my fasfa correct- I was advised by a person in financial aid class of the following- I am divorced with 2 sons. The mother is primary and I pay child support to the mother- It is my understanding that the mother will be filling out the fafsa paperwork-since she is primary. I am the father and am remarried. We both are remarried however the mothers 2nd husband walked out on her after 6 months of marriage and are still married but live in seperate homes for about 3 years now. My first question would be that she would be the only one on the fafsa since I am divorced and she is primary. The other financial aid person I spoke to said that we need to write a letter or show proof of the 2nd husband (stepfather) is not living at her address anymore. This is why she would only show her income for my son. Is this correct? So for the son entering college this year the primary mothers income will only be showed on fasfa? The other side of the family is about me now? I am the father of the 2 sons. I am remarried and have a stepdaughter who lives with me most of the time. Is it to my understanding that I will report my income and my second wifes income for my stepdaughters fasfa. Is this correct? Is it possible to use my stepdaughters fathers income and not mine since he makes less?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Taxtom replied 4 years ago.

Taxtom :


Taxtom :

they would use the mothers and step fathers information unless they are divorced or legally seperated.

Taxtom :

They would include the amount you pay in child support on the form as well but none of your other information. Thanks Tom

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