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The Mystic Wave
The Mystic Wave, Legal Secretary/Paralegal
Category: Finance
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Experience:  Legal research, document preparation and advice offered to financial institutions (30 yrs.exp.)
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fraid of gettingmessing up my credit

Customer Question

have a problem. a friend of the family came up to my brother asking fdor some help.the famiy friend has a girlfriend that got in trouble with the law and was put in he ask for a favor. if could bail her out .so my brother called me asking the same favor. i said yes .so my brother &i became the co-singners. sothe bailbonds is calling us saying that the friend and his wife have not been current with thier bills so bailboinds is going to send the to a collection office can you help me or some good refrennce
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Guests replied 11 years ago.
My answer would to be steer clear of this situation unless you can afford to help out these people, without being repaid. I don't know how well you know them but it sounds like trouble to me. You say the friend and his wife have not been current with their bills?
I don't quite understand--was the agreement that they would repay the loan you signed? If that is the situation, let them go back to jail.
Steer clear, unless you can really afford to help these people.
Expert:  The Mystic Wave replied 11 years ago.


Being that you are a co-signer, you are considered responsible for this bill as this is now being sent to collections. To protect your credit, I would suggest that you pay this off, immediately (this applies to your brother as well, since he also co-signed). You and your brother can then file a small claims action in court against the friend and girlfriend/wife for the monies expended. You can request that the court enter judgment against them. Daily interest accrues and can be collected on judgments - and if they are deliquent in paying, you can garnish wages or place liens on property or file a bank levy.

If you wish for further information, please let me know.

Bright Blessings.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Mystic Wave

Information provided herein is based on my 30 years experience as a legal secretary/paralegal in the State of California, with experience and knowledge in the State of Nevada. This information is not intended to substitute for informed professional legal advice from a practicing, licensed attorney.