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Customer Question

a share stock in the bree medical supply company is quoted at 35 1/4.suppose it holds 20 shares of that stock ,which you bought at 31 1/2.if you sold your stock at 35 1/4 which of the following would be true ? made a profit of $75.00 suffered a loss of $75.00 made a profit of $705.00 suffered a lost of $630.00

jane marko buys a car for 11, three years the car depreciates in value much is the car worth in three years? 1.3,800.00 2.4,788.00 3.5,472 4.5,928
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Dr WLS replied 11 years ago.

1. Assuming that you meant that YOU sold 20 shares of the stock, you made $75 profit. ($35.25 - $31.5) x 20. That is choice #1

2. ($ 11,000) x (1 - 0.48) = $5720. Are you sure it depreciated 48%? That does not agree with any of your choices.