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Credit Reporting Agency

Customer Question

I recently disputed some accounts on my credit reports to all three CRA's. I have received a response from TransUnion and the items were deleted. Experian only updated the accounts to state this item was verified and updated on May 2005. I haven't received anything from Equifax yet, but it hasn't passed the 30 day time frame yet. My question is if one CRA deletes an account from your credit report, are all the other CRA required to also remove this information from my report?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  jonacpa replied 11 years ago.

Not necessarily. Each agency has their own verification systems. They are only required to delete items that they have not verified. It is possible that one agency could not/did not verify an item and, therefore, deleted it while another agency did verify it and, therefore, did not delete it.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to jonacpa's Post: Do you have any suggestions on getting this removed from the other agencies?
Expert:  jonacpa replied 11 years ago.

That would depend on the actual circumstances.

If it is something that should not be there, you will need to provide all of the facts to the agency and, possibly, go over the information in detail in person with someone at the agency. You should ask to see whatever information they have as 'verification" so that you can deal with that if need be.

If the itme is supposed to be there, you are going to have to hope that they cannot or will not go through the verification process.


Expert:  The Mystic Wave replied 11 years ago.


If you are absolutely certain that the information on the report is in error, you need to write them a letter stating same, forwarding copies of all documented proof and ask them to remove the item(s) from your credit report. You need to send your letter, via certified mail, return receipt requested. Ask them to remove the item(s) within 30 days - or, if there is a problem, then they need to contact you, immediately.

Again, if you feel strongly about this item(s) and if they do not remove it or contact you within the time specified, then you will need to seek the advice and counsel of an attorney.

My best to you.

Bright Blessings.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Mystic Wave