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I received a order on October 24th which denied my attempt

Customer Question

I received a order on October 24th which denied my attempt to alter , vacate or ammend the divorce decree- they sent my orders to the wrong address. My address is grossly in error- and other orders have been sent to the correct address. It is 14 days now off of the 30 days i have to appeal my decision. What can i do to reconcile to provide me with the proper 30 days ? I am appealing this pro se- so i will need all of that time to prepare.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 6 months ago.


I'm Zoey and I'll be assisting you. I'm reviewing your question now. Please be patient while I research and compose a reply for you.

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 6 months ago.

You should be able to file for a brief extension for you to get the appeal in based on the fact that their error effectively denied you half of the 30 days you needed and you're only asking for the 30 days you would have been entitled to in the first place.

This basic handbook of appellate practice in your state should be helpful to you.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Would I do this as a motion?
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 6 months ago.

Yes. The clerk of the court would probably have a form.

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 6 months ago.

Just checking in to see if you need more help or any clarification of my answer. If so, please reply here on this question thread.