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Who have 3 grandchildren in CPS custody. Childrens parents

Customer Question

Hello my name is***** who have 3 grandchildren in CPS custody. Childrens parents rights have been terminated and the courts is going to allow maternal grandmother adopt the children as CPS deems that's the best placement. Before this came about We/I would see the children on the regular. Now I am not able to see the children at all as of this week. CPS says I have no rights to the kids even though I am the closest living blood relative. they say that blood relatives no longer matter. It boils down to CPS deeming who they feel is the best placement. this family history with CPS is 10 years and 15 cases. Any prudent person would beg to differ if this is the best placement for the kids. i am having a difficult time not being allowed to see my grandkids who I have seen since birth. Along with being told I have no rights to them. I on the other hand would make a better placement for the children because the paternal grandparent would be able to see their grandkids. I am just being told that she will not allow me to see my grands and would like to petition the court for visitation rights. I feel it is extremely negligent for CPS to place kids with ppl who will not put the childrens interest at heart. To deny children access to family members, particularly blood, that love them and enjoy them deeply is incomprehensible. I just need to fight for my rights as paternal blood family member. please help. Next court date is 9/19/16 and would like to file an injunction and not allow children to be raised in a house where they do not have access to the family members who love them and wants to continue to enjoy their company. I can be reached at(###) ###-####and can be reached day or night. Please let me know what I can do as the children has express their desire to see me too. thanks
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Steven K. replied 9 months ago.

Unfortunately, once an adoption is completed, grandparents lose visitation rights in Arizona. The only ways to prevent losing touch with your grandchildren are to either prevent the adoption or to convince the maternal grandparents to allow you to have contact.

As a grandparent, you do not have standing in a dependency case. In fact, you were not even entitled to notice of the adoption. Your son, or the mother of the child, could appeal the decision to terminate their parental rights, however. If they were successful, then the adoption would be overturned. It is possible that the adoption would be delayed if they filed the appeal after termination of their parental rights but before the adoption was complete. Is there any chance of getting your son to cooperate like that?