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Dcs is forcing my daughter to sign over her parental rights

Customer Question

Dcs is forcing my daughter to sign over her parental rights to her 2 yr old son. Is it better to have DCS force her to or have my daughter voluntarily sjgn him over to me, his grandmother,,? My daughter has a case pending for her daughter j. Which her father refused my daughter's court ordered supervised visits (3 diff cases) until she is off prob in 7o days. Dcs has drugvthus cayseciytcfir iverctwivyrarscin NY grandson promising her bus passed in orfer to get her to her drug classes and visits to her son. She's Been promised three times and it's NVR happened. My daughter has attempted all visits with her son minuds being i n rehzb and when she went to er with the flu. She has a legal stamped document stating she is going to counceling twice a month and and seeing a therapist and seeing s suboxine Dr but dcs is trying to terminate her rights saying she is not completing her services which she is. Dcs isn't though by denying her the transportation she was promised to get there. That is documented in court been trying for almost 20 months to get my grandson out if foster care but Dcs finds a reason each time time to delay it 6-8 months. The baby's daddy wasnt going to his visits, quit going to counceling. Quit going to to drug classes but my daughter is receiving the same treatment and sheis complying. The case in court is only for her daughter being denied her parenting rights by the babys dad not by the judge snd has been ordered 3 Diff times to stop it or he would b in contempt but nvr happens and ive pent thousands of dollars on attys and my granddaughter's father won't even allow her to talk on the phone with her. She is 6. He was charged with contempt for allowing her to live in deplorable conditions fir over a year. 2 wks later he gets her bk and DCS closed the case and the trailer was so bad it was demolished by board if health. She had no running water. Holes in the trsiler floor and head lice, filfthy house, beer cans everyehere. Her clothes had dog and cat urine and feces on them she was sleeping on and her clothes were filthy pointed out by her to me.and had no food. She was 6 yrs old and he didn't sign her up fir school. I had reported the very same thing a year before they filed contempt on him.Why would he get her back being charged with contempt but no punishment to him but my daughter's contempt charge had her daughter taken away and put in foster care l. I think it could be possibly due to his dad bekng sn ipd dective and part of that buddy STS. I called the cops many times to do a well cj in her because she was ibmn the trailer said they can't make him open his door BC it was a cival matter. Since when is a wellfare check on a child b a cival matter? They could hear her yelling mommy through the door and her dad kepy saying, get away from the door Jaden,". That's my granddaughter's name.
T his is a nightmare. Should my daughter file voluntary terminal rights? Would it help get her daughter back if she voluntarily terminated her own rights vs being terminated by DCS for her son? She doesn't want her to lose her daughter either. I'm not even allowed to talk to her or bring over her birthday presents from July ,2015. They are evil hearted andvhavevno interest in hercwell being at all. I'm in the final process if getting my foster parent classes, only for class left to go, just to get her out of foster care she's been in since birth for no reason when I told DCS up front I would take him , i had a house inspection, iV had supervised visits and I have 4 other grandkids and passed a background and fingerprint test, an apartment inspection and 2 random drug test and has still taken almost ,2 years to get him. It's a scam all depending on what caseworker your assigned. I've talked to many and none are going thru the nightmare we going through and none have our caseworker. Please help us. what do we do? My granddaughter's m smoked pot everyday butvdhe ID keeping my granddaughter everyday but I've been drug tested twice by DCS and have passed. My granddaughter's dad has a battery charge too that he's on probation im hendricks cnty for so hes got s violent temper and gets to keep my granddaughter. He was ordered to take parenting classes and NVR did. Something is not write in thede cases fir sure. Please tel me when to call. Ibwas called by DCS last night right before dark telling me there was a trphrsrig today at 8:30 so for me to tell my daughter and the baby's DSD. Shouldn't she have called me daughter herself tontell her,? I knew nothing about it being today. Thst's abt a 12 hr notice when I git the message and couldn't get in touch with Lindsey for another couple hrs so no way for her to get there. No buss pass. Thank you for your time
Terri Mullin granddmother
Lindsey Mullin and ***** ***** for Mason Mullin
Lindsey Mullin and Bradley A Grant for Jaden Mullin. Thank you for your assistance!
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 6 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
If you are going to get the custody of the child when she gives up her parental rights, then it is better and easier for her to voluntarily terminate her rights because then there would be nothing on a court official record with a finding of fact as to why her rights were terminated. Also, voluntarily cooperating makes it easier on her in the long run when she fixes the problems in her life to come back and ask the court to reinstate her custody rights and reunite her with the child. So overall, if you qualified and will get the custody of the child, it is absolutely best to have her agree voluntarily to sign her rights over to you.