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A male friend of mine has been seeing this girl few years.

Customer Question

A male friend of mine has been seeing this girl for a few years. She got pregnant, told him the child wasn't his 1 yr and half ago. Then late last year put him on a TRO but Even after she had put him on a TRO was still keeping in contact with him and showing up at his place which makes it seem that she filed the TRO without enough evidence that he was an actual threat. Then just recently she told him that the child was his. His been nothing but a good father to his child once he took a paternity test and found out it was his. He has not gone into mediation yet but will in a few weeks. He has however been in contact with her because of their child when it's his turn to watch the child. I know with a TRO puts him in the bad situation since he's the one with the TRO against him. But what's weird is that she wants the child to spend more time with him, yet his on a TRO. But basically she's been calling the shots lately and always threatens the to call the police just because he's on a TRO. Just wanna know what he can do because she seems to be using the law to work in her favor even when she's violating her own tro against him.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

He needs to bring the issue up in the mediation not ONLY to let the mediator know that there is a TRO in place to know how to structure the visitation and also to show that the TRO was obtained under false pretenses. In addition, in a next hearing on the renewal of the TRO, he needs to make sure to bring the issue up to the Court that the TRO was obtained under false pretenses, that he is not a threat and that the TRO should not renewed.