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My daughter married in Georgia, had a child, lived with the

Customer Question

My daughter married in Georgia, had a child, lived with the husband and his family for three years. During those years she would not allow us to see the child and would treat us really ugly. After three years she decided she did not want to be with the
husband and family anymore and asked me if she could come be with me in Texas. I said yes and helped her. She abandoned everything she and the baby had, and came to Texas. She then lived with me for three years. We welcomed her and forgave the way she had
treated us. Our granddaughter had some signs of developmental delays, no mental, more like motor skills and language. I helped her with doctors, therapies, etc., I have given her everything including a car for her to be able to work, and make a life. Recently
she met a man and one day she got upset at something, got her daughter and left. Again, she abandoned everything she had here with us, clothes, toys, personal belongings, she took absolutely nothing. Did not even explain to the daughter, who is 6, what was
happening. Now she is living with this guy and acting like before when she was with the husband and family, She is limiting when we see her daughter, not answering our calls, etc. Same exact behavior she had during the first three years of my granddaughter,
different man. During the time she has been with me, she has prevented and blocked the father in Georgia from coming to see his daughter. She has treated him and his family the same way that she treated us when she was with them. We don't really know who the
new man in her life is, only that he lives in the country, with his parents who are sick, a brother with a criminal background, a sister in law and now my daughter and granddaughter. We are devastated to the point of getting sick, is there anything we can
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  joelaws8 replied 1 year ago.
I responded to your previous post. I think there was some sort of glitch, so please see my request for info pasted below. If it was not a glitch, and you just prefer a different expert, please let me know and I will "opt out" of this question, which will allow you to proceed with a different expert. Good afternoon. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough time. My name is***** am a Texas licensed attorney, and I am happy to help you find the information you are looking for.But first, I need some more information.1.) Did she obtain a divorce decree from the Florida court, Texas court, or neither.2.) Has a Texas court issued an order regarding the child? Has any other state? If so, what was the last state to render an order regarding the child?3.) Is she still residing in Texas? Thank you for the rest of the information and I look forward to assisting you.