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Hello!My name isXXXXX am in a messy relationship with a

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Hello!My name isXXXXX am in a messy relationship with a guy who is alcoholic. Well at first I didn't know that. Well at the first year of this relationship he received a third DUI. At that point we were just trying to live together. (2006). 2007 he rented an appartment close to his work and went to jail for 2 months at the end of 2007. He lived back with me from 2008 to 2012-July, when I made him leave.
After being convicted of felony i have spent about $20,000 on his expenses, I was paying my mortgages and all the utility bills, car and gas. I have driven him around to probation, counseling, to his parents and back, to look for job. I have actually found him a job with a friend of mine, which he refused to take. He was drinking quite a lot while staying at my palce, being depressed and all, while I had to work 16 + hours many days.
His family wasn't helping a lot. once i mentioned that and his mom said that yes it's true, but that didn't change. I tried to make him leave but he refused, since,his living at that point at his parents' house father has Altzheimer and they couldn't be near each other too long. His mother also refused to come and get him on several occasions. I let it go for a while and even for about 6-7 months became a caregiver to his father until they put him in a nursing home. My, so called boyfriend, promised he would help, which never happend.
Finally, I was totally burned, unhappy, lost a lot of opportunities I raised hell and I threw him out. It took a while and we fought- once he pushed me back and something cracked in my lower back. .
This past 2-3 years my friend was entitled to get a driving permit and I after many sloppy attempts, his mother paid a lawyers. they advised him to have someone with own business get his vehicle, add it to their company assets and hire him. Since, he couldn't find anyone, he finally started asking me. After a while I agreed to become a sole owner of a business in his line of work and now I possess his two vans. I gave him a letter /offer of emloyment as my subcontractor and he got his driving permit( 2 months ago)
All of these years I woked nights at one job, during the day- cleaned houses mostly. Last year I finally managed to find time to get a substitue teacher certificate and started subbing occasionally. I slept 3-5 hours a day trying to pay bills and credit cards. I got myself in a really bad shape.
From my phisical jobs my back started hurting, my scitic nerve gor inflammated and I was in a lot of pain. Since I don['t have insurance, I waited for good 6 month before seeking help.
Finally, last month it turned out that i have a broken part on 5-th vertebrae and I have to stop doing some of the jobs I am doing - house cleaning
Now I want that not helping family to return some of my money ($10,000) so I can take care of myself for a while, but they refused, although his mother has taken a second mortgage in the past and has it hidden in our country's bank. I threaten them with a law suit, and they responed - sue us, you wont get anything.
What are my chances in a law suit?Is actually my so-called biyfriend is entitled to some of my assets - here i have only liabilities, in my country I have some land and 1.5 condos?
I sorry for the long letter, but the situation is really messy and I was trying to explain better...

Thank you in advance for your help!
Thank you for your question.

I'll be honest - unless there was some type of legal agreement between you and this person where the money you spent on them he agreed to pay back, it is merely seen as a gift, and a court would not award you anything. While he isn't entitled to any other of your assets (you weren't married, so this isn't a situation where the court is going to make you divide marital assets), there is no legal basis for you to seek repayment of the money you gifted him.

And, even if by some chance a court were to award you money, all you would get is a court ordered judgement against them that says they owe you _____ amount. It doesn't mean they would pay, and you would likely spend a lot of time and more money trying to collect.

I am sorry I could not tell you otherwise.
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