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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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My X lives with boyfriend who is well off. She claims her income

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My X lives with boyfriend who is well off. She claims her income to be $300 week from a small part time job and that is what she uses to calculate her income. The house is $4000/mo. She has a car and goes on many vacations. Can I file contempt for falsifying her income , her not accounting for the BF paying her way?

Thank you for your question and thank you most kindly for requesting me to assist you this morning.

My apologies but true falsification of income is if she is not directly reporting all her wages and earnings. Having a third party pay her way is not falsification in the legal sense, it is simply having a third party cover part of the costs. If all she personally earns is $300 a week but lives in a mansion, if she isn't paying for that home and does not own it, it is not an inherent violation of state law. The income between you both is solely based on your mutual earnings, not earnings of unaffiliated third parties such as boyfriends or girlfriends or other third parties. That is not contempt worthy.

Good luck.

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