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Texas divorce? my friends attorney said that since he is on

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Texas divorce?
my friends attorney said that since he is on the courts special list of court appointed criminal defense attorneys, that the way the law reads, that criminal cases come before all his other types of cases, since those people are setting in jail. and that being said , it might take at least 2 more years to get to a jury trial divorce for my friend.

side note... my friends divorce has already taken 2 yrs now and he just got to the mediation last week,which accomplished nothing.

his divorce is in Texas. He said his attorney gave him a big stack of buisness cards and wanted him to pass them out to all his friends.

1. is it true that criminal cases come first to an attorney's obligations in Texas? 2 more years a good amount of time to wait for a jury trial divorce?
Hello there:

Thank you for your questions.

1. Yes, criminal cases come first.

2. 2 years would be an unusually long wait period. I would estimate that 90% of the divorce cases I handle conclude within 12 months from the time of filing, and 95% resolve within 18 months. I have had a few divorce cases go past the 2 year mark--it's not unrealistic, but it would be a very long period of time. I have never had a case stretch out for 4 years from start to finish.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my friend said that when he was in the mediation, that his attorney turned to him and said ("if you hadnt filed the grievance against oposing council, then your case would have been over last year and you would have won your case and have custody of your child").


then he told his that since his child is 2.5yr old, that likely in texas the judge will give him to his mom.


My friend said he had to tell the lawyer that this was a jury trial case and that in a jury trial divorce, the jury desides custody, not the judge.

Thank you for that additional information. Did you have any further question?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes. under what circumstances or reasons can a divorce be delayed for over a year because of a client filing a conflict of interest grievance against oposing council when the bar found no fault a month after it was filed a year ago?

Well, every case is different, but I have a very difficult time imagining a scenario where a client filing a conflict of interest grievance against opposing counsel would result in a year's delay. I state again that the nuances of every case are different, but I would likely find such a delay suspicious.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i forgot to mention that my friends attorney was very upset that he had filed the grievance and thats bec the oposing council was his best friend, his atorney then had him admit to a crime under oath thereby incriminating himself ,when he had already told his attorney in private that he didnt want to reveal the old crime to the judge.


im more than suspicious. does this change anything as too your answer?


No, and it actually just reinforces my last point that the situation smells bad.

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