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My 8 year old sons father is moving to Florida from Maine for

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My 8 year old sons father is moving to Florida from Maine for work. He has asked me to move as well so that our son will have both parents. He is remarried, has 2 more younger sons and two step daughters as well as a 17 year old from his first marriage that he still pays court appointed support to at $250/week. His new job pays $180000 a year. I am unemployed and have been a stay at home mom for 8 years. I believe he has been underpaying me for years in child support but I haven't complained as he is a good dad and we amicably share custody near 50/50 with no formal agreements relating to neither custody nor support. My question is: what sort of child support will I be entitled to in Florida as I consider the move from a financial end. He is moving to palm beach county which is way above my standard of living.

AttyCBradford :

Hello based off of the information you have provided what I can give you is a rough estimate as many factors go into child support calculations. If he makes an annual salary of $180,000.00 then he is grossing monthly approximately $15,000.00 and with you earning $0.00 it would entitle you to a support of approximately $2,156.00 a month based on those facts alone.

AttyCBradford :

Here is a link to a child support calculator in Florida

AttyCBradford :

Please remember though that the court may also take into account if he pays for the child health insurance, the actual time share of the parties with the minor child, his child support to another person etc.

AttyCBradford :

if I have answered all of your questions please press accept and provide positive feedback so I will get credit for assisting you. If not and you have additional answers please do not hesitate to ask and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you and I wish you the best in your situation

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