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In Delaware is it illegal to lock my kids bedroom at night

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In Delaware is it illegal to lock my kids bedroom at night from the outside due to constant getting up at all hours and getting into inappropriate stuff, gorging on food and trying to get on computers, smart phones etc....
Dear JACUSTOMER - There is no specific statute that would prevent this but it is likely that it would fall under the child endangerment statutes since it would create an unsafe condition in case of an emergency such as a fire. A better approach would be to lock up the phones and computer equipment and put a padlock on the refrigerator door. You are taking a chance at being arrested for child endangerment if this gets reported to the police. Locking up children is not a proper form of discipline and I would not suggest that you not employ this method.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There will be a baby monitor and a cordless door bell to our room. I understand the theory of locking things up....we have tried everything (please believe me) with no luck. We have 4 kids and only this problem with one.

As I said, there is no specific law but ZI can't give you the "go ahead" for something like this since you are always running a risk of someone calling child protective services and having them investigate. I certainly understand the problem and if you are taking all of the necessary precautions it may be OK for a short time in order to teach your child not to do these things but you need to be really careful not to put your child in any danger.
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