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Samuel II
Samuel II, Attorney at Law
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I just found out a girl I have been seeing in Mexico is pregnant.

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I just found out a girl I have been seeing in Mexico is pregnant. I am sure I am the father. She comes from a family of means but I would like to provide my share from the beginning. I know I will not be there for much of the child's first years but it is important to me that I help in a fair and accountable way. I am a federal employee that is stationed in California. She is six weeks pregnant. What is my first step to set this up in a way that I can help from the start. I will be living in California and she will live in Mexico with the child. How do I determine how much to contribute and how do I do it in a cost efficient and accountable way.

Samuel-II :


Customer: Hi Samuel
Samuel-II :

I suggest, you may want to consult with the Guidelines used in California -

Samuel-II :

Child support guidelines are based on each parent’s net disposable monthly income and the amount of time the child is cared for by each parent. For the purpose of deciding child supportpayment amounts, the court considers income from all sources, whether or not it is reported or taxed under federal and state law. Income can be in the form of money, property or services,and includes:

• Wages from a job

• Tips

• Commissions

• Bonuses

• Self-employment earnings

• Unemployment benefi


• Disability and workers’ compensation benefi


• Interest

• Dividends

• Rental income

• Social Security or pensions

• Any payments or credits due or becoming due, regardless of the source, including lottery and

prize winnings
Samuel-II :
The court determines net disposable income for each parent by subtracting certain items fromhis or her income, including:

• Taxes

• Mandatory union dues

• Mandatory retirement contributions

• Health premiums

• Child or spousal support actually being paid

• Costs of raising children from another relationship


Samuel-II :

And so, because you want to do that right thing, this is what I suggest you consider in determining how much you should contribute to the child's support

Samuel-II :

And, I further suggest, that you will want to be sure to get some type of receipt or keep cancelled checks for the money paid

Customer: Does that include assets such as IRAs or property. My guess is that she isn't going to come after me. She will have that child almost all of the time. Would I be best of consulting an attorney or try to come to an agreement with her.
Samuel-II :

Only Interest and dividends on those assets. It is income. Not assets. So you are not going to include say your home or airplane or car

Samuel-II :

Well, Of course, I suggest you will want to wait until your baby is born before you do anything.

Samuel-II :

And in the meantime, you can consult with a local attorney who will be able to help you determine what the amount would be and then you can decide if you want to try to negoiate with her or not

Customer: There is no chance given the time frame that it isn't mine. There will be doctors visits and hospital fees. How should I handle that?
Samuel-II :

That is up to you - You can offer to pay her hospital expenses

Samuel-II :

and also her doctors visits. If she is agreeable to say the child is yours.

Samuel-II :

I am not suggesting it isnt

Samuel-II :

But always best to wait until there is a real live baby before you give the child money, I suggest

Samuel-II :

However, there is nothing to keep you from assisting her with medical bills

Samuel-II :

I need to switch to the QA format and we can continue there

Customer: Ok

We will continue here

I think I have answered all your questions; however, if not, please let me know.


Remember, I can only answer and provide true and correct information for what you ask.

Otherwise, please rate this service below Good to Excellent so that I may get credit for my time and information. Thank You and good luck with everything

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What kind of attorney should I consult with and what kind information will I need to bring in order to determine what I should pay within the California guidelines? Also given I would like to contribute to hospital and doctor expenses what would be the best way to do that internationally? I don't feel comfortable just sending a check in the mail. Should I request her to send me receipts for everything?

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