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I have a step daughter. Her father and I just got married. He is required by court order

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I have a step daughter. Her father and I just got married. He is required by court order to provide her health insurance. Since we are now married, we would like to put her on my insurance since it is better than what his company offers. His company is telling him that because it is court ordered, he has to have insurance through them and cannot drop her from insurance (they don't see our marriage as a qualifying event to drop her due to the court order). Since we are married, as long as she has health insurance does it really matter if I have it rahter than him?
Very interesting, this is going to depend on the wording of the provision for the insurance. I mean does it order him just to provide it ,and or pay for it, or does it say that he must have insurance for the child through his employer. I will stand by Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your quick reply! He just contacted the attorney general (AG) for Tyler Texas becuse he's not sure what the papers say. The lady at the AG's office said she'd send him an adjustment packet to reword it if necessary.
Sounds like it worked out! Good Luck, Steve
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