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i have been asking questions for months regarding my daughter.

Resolved Question:

i have been asking questions for months regarding my daughter. she has been in rehab twice and i do believe she is clean now. she ran away 14 times over the past 2 years. last time she came home 5 months pregnant and since lil aarons birth she hasnt ranaway but she complained to her counselor at school saying i am not fair to her and she believes discipline is unfair anyway the counselor called social services. once social services got involved they have forced me to get guardianship of the baby. they have her ordered to get parenting classes, complete a 12 step program, attend counseling all of which i've tried to help her with but shes not getting any better. shes been diagnosed with bipolar and depression. and at the therapy sessions she just sits there blameing me for everything that has ever gone wrong in her life. she accepts no blame for her own actions. all of this i know is typical of a 15 year old girl. then over the past few weeks shes came home with her tounge pierced then her top lip got pierced then last week she came home with her sons name tatooed across her forearm and his birthdate in roman numerals across her wrist. i've taken away everything she has, as grounding but of coarse i'm the one in the wrong as usual. when she got the tatoos she took a friend with her and she also got a tatoo and the other little girls mother is pissed and i dont blame her. now the girls are threatening each other and the other mom called the police and brought them to my front door tonight. they told both girls to let it go and of coarse right in front of the police they're shooting daggers with their eyes and the police threatened both of them with juvenile hall and my daughter they said they were going to call dept of social services and tell them my daughter doesnt deserve a baby. my daughter believes shes above the law and isnt careing if she puts her son in the line of fire or not. she will sacrafice him for any reason just to be right. i have guardianship of this baby now does this give me any rights?how can i keep social services from taking my grandson? everyone has told me over the past 2 or 3 years Eden is a lost cause but i have refused to give up on her. shes still my baby girl BUT now shes risking an innoscent little boy with no regards XXXXX XXXXX well being at all. how can i let her go legally to save this beautiful 8 month little boy?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  LegalEase replied 5 years ago.
If you have legal guardianship of your grandson, then social services can't take him away unless they think that you are allowing her to harm him or neglect him. In other words, if you are taking care of him as though he were your own son and she isn't caring for him or harming him, etc, then he will not likely be taken from your home.

You could kick her out, but until she turns 18, legally you're resposible for her. It sounds like you have done all you can for her and short of sending her to a boot camp type program, she is going to be unresponsive to your parenting for the time being. Focusing on protecting your grandson and possibly getting legal custody or adopting him is not a bad idea.
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