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Q.1) how do I file (correct format specifically) for a continuance in AL court when I can&

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Q.1) how do I file (correct format specifically) for a continuance in AL court when I can't go there personally to file the motion? My divorce is in AL, I live in GA since April2011 the only job I could find.
Q2# XXXXX my reasons for continuance valid/compelling to be granted> a# XXXXX need I find a lawyer. I have new job. Driving 3 hours ea way to court means a full day off the job. #FYI,I was specifically hired to be trained,then to step in during a maternity absence. The baby is due 10/5/11, but early intervention is expecting next week. My employer was sympathetic to my time off to close the house sale, pack and move furniture into storage. A dauting task given the buyer inisted on quick closing#.
I am being thrown under the bus by Plaintiff's counsel with various activites NOW whereas before there was footdragging. To date Plaintiff has succesfully avoided providing financial records yet there is a motion before the judge #actually a draft of an order for the judge to sign that

RayAnswers :

Thanks for your question and good morning.

RayAnswers :

Your best option would be to have the lawyer file for continuance as it is likely to be granted since they were recently hired.

RayAnswers :


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RayAnswers :

I think that a lawyer can get this matter reset without you being present.

RayAnswers :

Get the case number XXXXX court here and draft your own setting out your reasons and file it with court.

RayAnswers :

Comes now .............................., as Defendants and would move to
continue the current trial setting of ..................................................., 2011 and as grounds therefore would aver as

RayAnswers :


RayAnswers :


RayAnswers :


RayAnswers :

Wherefore premises Defendant/Petitioner (not sure who filed) prays that this matter be continued and for such other and further relief to which they may be entitled.

RayAnswers :

Respectfully submitted,

RayAnswers :

Your name, Defendant/Plainitff

RayAnswers :

Something leike this if you have to do it yourself.

RayAnswers :

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