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What are some ideas that will work with the Pennsylvania Courts

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What are some ideas that will work with the Pennsylvania Courts (Westmoreland County) to modify the current custody order to allow MORE contact when the birth mother has been denying access for 10 months?

She claims there was sexual abuse (there was not-investigated 2 times, the summer of 2009 and summer of 2010-returned unfounded), claiming that people told her I was not taking care of the children (I was, and have proof), and she claims the court told her she could cut contact (they did NOT-she never contacted them), and other stuff like that.

I am looking for ways to counter act her claims (I know about have her prove them, she cannot), and turn them agianst HER....I wonder about her being emotionally controlled by her live-in boyfriend and mother, as she has said SEVERAL times that and I quote her here "I (birth mother) get flack every time you try to contact the kids and I work with you! No matter what, I am always getting yelled at because of YOU!" So it appears her live in boyfriend and mother are working her...what should I do here?

I just want to see my kids, and get compensation time back for what I lost, as the girls need BOTH parents.

How much creedance should I give when my 2 girls (7 and 6) tell me mom and boyfriend scream at them, hit them in the head and slap them in the face when they are mad at them? The girls NEVER want to return to their mom when I go to take them back.

Girls and mom are in PA, dad in SC(due to job).

Mom has filed for divorce, I signed papers, will be final in June 2011. She has had custody since 2007. We have shared custody, mom is primary. She lied, I have supervised visits. Since 2007, we have agreed to ignore that until the summer 2009 visit, when she later admitted (on tape) she was just mad at me and did not want girls to come to SC for visit. In 2010, she made a second false claim of abuse, also came back as unfounded.

She cried she cannot "trust" me or the court-ordered supervisor, and is denying ALL contact AGAIN.

I need ideas how to defeat her plans to deny contact, I am getting ready to file for contempt, will do so when I get cash to drive to PA and back.
The court will look at the fact that the sexual abuse claims were unreported or unfounded and what they want from you is witnesses who can attest to the care you take of the children when they are in your custody. Proof of her prior false claims are important to destroy her credibility of any new claims she now tries to make. These are the ways you defeat her attempts to deny contact.

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