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My daughter is receiving food stamps and tang. She has contacted

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My daughter is receiving food stamps and tang. She has contacted legal aid of virginia and they are "representing" her. I hired and paid for a private investigator due to strong suspicion/evidence that her husband was living with another woman, not working, not paying her any support, driving recklessly, drinking and possibly using street drugs (he has a known history of drug abuse).also, at the first court date, we are certain that he lied about his place of residence to the judge. My question is, how can we get the private investigative report into court? There is no more money for an attorney and we understand that legal aid will not go to court hearings unless the respondent also has an attorney. The private investigator said we needed an attorney to get his info into court.

Thank you for your question.


The private investigator can testify in your daughter's case as a witness at a hearing where his testimony may be relevant. The report can also be admitted as evidence as a business memorandum, which is an exception to the general rule prohibiting the introduction of evidence which constitutes hearsay. The report would have to be properly certified by the private investigator, and failure to do so would mean that the court would not accept it as evidence.



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