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If an alimony figure is determined and entered on and is set

Resolved Question:

If an alimony figure is determined and entered on and is set in the divorce decree, is it possible to have that figure changed later? My husband is sueing me because he doesnt feel he should have to pay the alimony amount any more that was agreed to in the divorce decree. I dont have any money to hire a lawyer to defend the action.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 6 years ago.



If the alimony is set forth in the divorce decree, then the only way he can get it reduced or terminated is if he shows the court a substantial change in his financial circumstances (for the worse). Just because he does not want to pay that amount of money any longer is not a good enough reason for the court to reduce or eliminate alimony payments. You should answer the action in writing -- you can do a one page answer from scratch and put the name of the case on the top of the page with the case number XXXXX title it "Answer". Then, using numbered paragraphs you need to respond to each one of his numbered paragraphs in the complaint. Then you close the answer by stating that "since the plaintiff cannot show any substantial change in financial circumstances, the alimony award should not be reduced at this time". Then you sign it, put your address and telephone number at the bottom and file a copy with the court and send a copy to your ex-husband. The court should then schedule a hearing on the matter.




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