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Have a son which I havent seen or talked to since 5/2009.

Customer Question

Have a son which I haven't seen or talked to since 5/2009. I had primary/ physical custody prior to 11/2009. My son's father filed for discontinuation of child support and a change of custody, after refusing to return him based on repeated DSS investigations (no doubt instigated by he father), though no need for services were ever found. A subsequent judgement stipulates that we are joint custodians, however, the father is not in compliance with any part of the judgement - I do not even have contact information for my child. I am now being sued for child support, insurance, back medical expenses, etc. for a child that I have not been allowed to contact since 5/2009. In fact, the last contact - "Hey, big guy!" - resulted in contact by his father with the authorities even though he was in a neighbor's driveway where I was visiting. What do I do? Can I terminate my parental rights, since I cannot find an attorney who is willing to stand up for what I and my son are entitled to? What are the implications? I understand Parental Alienation laws, but I do not seem to have the representation and I cannot afford it. What do I do???
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your question.You can relinquish rights if the ex is in agreement and will petition the court here.The judge would have to find that this is in the best interests of the child and also that the other parent concurs.His lawyer would prepare relinquishment for you to sign and it gets filed and ther is court hearing on the relinquishment.You woudl have to work this out with the ex and go from there.Certainly you shoudl explore this as means of resolving all the issues.

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