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My divorce decree with my ex-wife in the state of Tennessee

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My divorce decree with my ex-wife in the state of Tennessee is VERY VERY general. It does not state any specifics age in regard to termination of child support and health insurance at all.

So with that in mind....

What is the legal age that I stop paying child support and health insurance for my daughter in the state of Tennessee if the divorce decree does not specifically state each?

Also, can my ex-wife take me back to court in Tennessee if she feels I did not pay enough child support in past years even though my daughter is now 19 years old?

Lastly, can you provide me with reference material links that you used to find the answerers to my questions that I can look at myself and print if necessary?
Your duty to pay child support and otherwise support your child ended when she turned 18 or graduated from highschool, whichever was later.

Your wife may not retroactively raise your child support. She could have asked for a modification while you were obligated if your income had gone up by 15% or by other factors, but she must have asked for it, not just expected it. She certainly can not now claim you didn't pay enough, unless you were paying less than the court ordered amount.

Here is a PDF that contains the TN code that pertains to child support
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My income has pretty much increased every year since my daughter was born (she is currently 19 year old and in college). I paid the ex more support every year on my own accord but my wife never officially took me back to court and a yearly increase was never court ordered. My ex-wife is a very vindictive person and we having some disagreements about my daughter which may cause her to seek retribution. Just so I completely that my daughter is 19 years old my ex CANNOT take me back to court because she THINKS I was not paying enough which would cause the courts to actually look at my past income tax returns in order to determine support requirements?
That is correct. She lost her chance when she did not request a review each time your income changed. The court system provides very specific rules for requesting more child support. She did not play by those rules, and now that your duty to support has ended, she can not go back and hold you accountable for something you were not court ordered to do.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you!!!!