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Hi, Im really not sure who to turn to so I thought Id start

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I'm really not sure who to turn to so I thought I'd start with family's the scenario:
My mother-in-law has take nout a reverse mortgage in order to keep her house. I understand that when she passes on we need to do 1 of two things..either pay off the loan or sell the house to pay off the loan. Is this correct? Also she has credit cards with balances that are not small..on one of these accounts she has given us a card to use in order to buy items for her as she is home bound...when she passes are we responsible for the balance because our names are XXXXX XXXXX the card? Also are we responsbile for any of her bills once she passes. I love her to death but want to protect my husband and myself from being dragged into debt.
You are correct about the house. Once your mother-in-law passes, you will have to either pay off the mortgage or have the estate sell the house to pay off the mortgage (excess funds will go to the estate). Typically, reverse lenders give you one year to do so. As for the credit cards, if you are not a co-signer on the accounts you are not responsible for the debt. As an authorized used, the creditor may make a demand against you, but your mother-in-law's estate is responsible. When your mother passes, you will need to open probate to sell the home and to notify creditors of her passing so that they may file their claims with the probate court.

Hope this helps.
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