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I am getting a divorce in california, we are trying to keep

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I am getting a divorce in california, we are trying to keep this out of the court system and i would like to know how can we cut ties, and determine between us how things go and still get the legal stuff done with out either of us required by law to pay the other?

Hello there:


property can be divided, and support can be ordered, howsoever you both agree. As long as you both agree, the court is glad to go along with it. My suggestion would be that you contact the clerk of your county courthouse's family law division and request a "divorce packet". The divorce packet will give you the forms that you need along with some basic instructions. If you complete the paperwork and request "an uncontested divorce" or "uncontested dissolution", that will give the court the authority to order a divorce without any sort of spousal support.


Let me know if I may be of further assistance. Thank you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
well the issue is with child support, we were using divorce writers for the packet and even though i am un employed and were getting a divorce im still ordered to pay child support. I just want to know how can we both not have to pay spousal support or child support to just cut ties so we personally can determine how things go not the judicial system.

Hello again:


you can agree to anything that you please with regard to a current child support order; however, child support is always modifiable. So you could agree to something today, and either of you could turn around tomorrow and get a new order. Today's order is enforceable for today, but that would not prevent the entry of a new order tomorrow.


I am glad that you specifically asked about that---although it is generally addressed at the time of divorce, child support is technically an issue separate from the divorce.

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